SJAM Selangor Darul Ehsan

St John Ambulans Malaysia Selangor Darul Ehsan

St John Ambulans Malaysia Selangor Darul Ehsan

Ambulance Service

24 hr Ambulance Service

Presently, through Areas, State HQ now has the following vehicles:-

Selangor Coastal Area / Kawasan Pantai Selangor (KPS) :

Interestingly, the plate nos. of KPS fleet are 911 since the inception of its 1st well equipped ambulance in 1990. The purpose is for 1 identification and also motivation for the ambulance staff.
Since 2005, the plate no. 911 was then implemented statewide and today we stand proud that almost 96% of our more than 40 ambulances and other supporting vehicles are now registered with no. 911

32 – Ambulances (4 units BCM Foton, 2 units M/Benz 315D (Bariatric), 1 unit Nissan FPWGE50 (4×4), 25 units Toyota Haice Window Van)
7 – Staff Cars (1 unit Toyota Unser, 1 unit Nissan C22, 1 unit Renault Kangoo, 2 units Proton Saga,1 unit Proton Exora & 1 unit Perodua Myvi)
4 – First Responder (2-Mofaz Scotter, 2-Modenas Scotter)
2 – MiniBus (1-Food Transit, 1-M/Benze 313 Sprinter)
2 – Box Van (1-HINO 5 Tons Lorry, 1-Inokom Box Van)
1 – Pickup (Era Star)
1 – Mobile Clinic (Ford Transit 350L)

Selangor Northern Area / Kawasan Selangor Utara (KSU) :

04 – Ambulance (Toyota Hiace)

Selangor Southern Area / Kawasan Selangor Selatan (KSS) :

08 – Ambulances (Toyota Hiace x 6 units, Ford Transit short base x 1 unit, WestStar x 1 unit)
01 – Transport (Nissan C-20)
04 – Supporting Vehicle (Nissan Grand Livina x 1 unit, Perodua Axia x 1 unit, WestStar x 2 units)
01 – Scooter as First Responder (Modenas Elegan)

Selangor Western Area / Kawasan Selangor Barat (KSB) :

02 – Ambulances (Toyota Hiace)
02 – Transport (Toyota Hiace & Nissan C-22)

Shah Alam Area / Kawasan Shah Alam (KSA) :

Yet to activate

Selangor Northern Central Area / Kawasan Selangor Tengah Utara (KSTU) :

06 – Ambulances (Toyota Hiace x 4 units, Nissan C-22 x 2 units)
01 – Scooter as First Responder (Modenas Elegan)

Selangor Southern Central Area /Kawasan Selangor Tengah Selatan (KSTS) :

02 – Ambulances (Toyota Hiace)
01 – Transport (Toyota Hiace)

Selangor Western Central Area / Kawasan Selangor Tengah Barat (KSTB) :

Yet to activate

KPS runs its 24 hour Emergency Ambulance Service since 1990 with more than 30 full-time staff.
A fee is charged on each call depending on location but free service is provided for MVA cases (Motor Vehicle/s Accidents).

State HQ launched the statewide Ambulance Service in February 2009 with all Areas participating, with the call centre based in KPS due to their facility and wireless communication fixed in all ambulances and Area HQs.

Since 01.04.2003, KPS being contracted to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Klang with 2 ambulances on 24 hours to response emergency calls.

Since November 2009, KPS is also contracted to Pahang-Selangor Raw Water Transfer Project under Shimizu-Nishimatsu-UEMB-IJM JV for 5 years.
2 ambulances are stationed on 24 hours with each at Hulu Langat, Selangor and Karak, Pahang.

The 24 hr hotline number is 3371-5005

Ambulance Fleet

Staff Vehicles

Our New Ambulance Design

Ambulance In Action

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