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Mock Exercise


In 1996, with the double celebration of the Chinese New Year & Hari Raya to be held within the same month, our National HQ, with the initiative and aggressive vision of our Commander-in-Chief Dato Dr Low Bin Tick, launched the North South Highway Emergency Ambulance Service and more than 30 ambulances were stationed along the PLUS Highway to save many lives in times of accidents. We hope to carry on with this service provided, there is strong financial support from the public. In line with this unique service, SJAM-KPS held many mock exercises on road accidents, with the Traffic Police and Fire & Rescue Department since 1996 to create public awareness on safe driving, to gauge the co-operation among the relevant agencies and enable our members to have hands-on experience on trauma cases.

Many other mock exercises were also held like air crash with the DCA (Department of Civil Aviation) and sea rescue with the Marine Police, MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordinating Centre) and the Fire & Rescue Department.

SJAM-SDE hold mock exercise almost every year with the relevant goverment agencies to ensure our members always in ready-state to cater for accident or disaster that might happen. As Klang Valley is one of the most important industrial zone, the safety threat due to potential industrial accidents sees the importance of an always -ready response team. The mock exercise is one of the important initiative by the State HQ to let the members have a near to real experience in handling situation and gauge the coordination of the teamwork among the agencies. The mock exercises are jointly held with the Fire and Rescue, Police, Marine and local hospital.

Land Mock Exercise

Land Mock Exercise

Sea Rescue Mock Exercise

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