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In SJAM-SDE, various courses are held for all levels of members in order to keep the members with up to date information and latest changes within the organization. Courses play a vital role in providing guidance to members of all levels and provide necessary training for members who need to carry out their duties.

SJAM-SDE Workshop

This workshop is held every year to update our officers and teachers in-charge with latest information of the SJAM-SDE administration and training.
Forums and brainstorming sessions are held during the workshop to discuss the latest issue of St. John Ambulance movement and the improvement measures. Officers also share their experience in handling situations, conflicts and their solutions to these problems.

Advance First Aid Course (AFA)

The Advance First Aid Course is held every year for those who attained the First Aid Certificate and wish to upgrade their skills to advanced level. These courses would include training on advance first aid equipments and advanced first aid skills such as Basic Trauma Life Support. It is now a pre-requisite for to be promoted officers to hold a valid AFA certificate & the Trainers’ certificate before they can sit for the Officers Training Course and be promoted and warranted as officer.

Trainers’ Course (TC)

Members who attained the Advanced First Aid qualification may attend these courses. The courses are organized to provide proper training for potential trainers on conducting First Aid classes, lectures and practical training.
The Trainers’ Course is also compulsory for to be promoted officer/s before proceeding to the Officers’ Training Course.

Officers’ Training Course (OTC)

To be promoted officers MUST passed the AFA & TC before qualified to sit for the OTC.
Officers in SJAM-SDE must participate the Officers Training Courses and passed the promotional exam in order to be promoted or appointed as an officer. These courses are conducted by the officers from National Headquarters. A promotional exam will be held at the end of the course. Officers are required to sit for the test and those who are qualified will receive their Warrant from the National Headquarters. Besides lectures by the senior officers, officers also required to go through foot drill training, workshops and public speaking to ensure officers received sufficient training before they can be promoted to officers.

Air Attendant Course

In Year 2006, SJAM-SDE held its Air Attendant Course in Institut Perubatan Penerbangan, Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. 25 participants from all over Selangor participated in the course and attainted the qualification as Air Attendent.
More of such course will be held annually to benefit the officers & NCOs.

Recent Events

2023 Air Attendant Course

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